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Take back RCPAC tonight at 6pm at Brandywine Springs

October 21, 2013 Comments off

Parents – come bear witness and lend your voice to take back RCPAC tonight at Brandywine Springs. Arrive a little before 6 if you want to get in some networking, because Lord knows nobody gets a chance to speak once the meeting begins.

The agenda has not been published as is normally done, and the meeting information page is showing information from 2011. But here are the highlights of tonight’s agenda:

Presentations tonight are Parent University pilot by Sarah Kashner-Schmittinger

Kickoff of planning for 2013 Family Resource Fair by Christine Miller

There will be suspense! Who will be named to the Bylaws Sub-committee, which will revise RCPAC bylaws for rubber-stamp approval by the whole body? Will I be shut out again? When will the revised draft be started?

Will there be a rescheduled discussion of the new Parent Involvement policy, which was on the agenda last month but was unilaterally “tabled” by the parent president with no second and no vote? Has anybody found any record of the policy being approved by the Board?

Red Clay parents: Take back RCPAC Monday night May 20, 5:45 pm @Lewis Elementary

May 19, 2013 Comments off

Red Clay parents, we still need more of your voices at RCPAC!

Tonight is the LAST CHANCE this school year to take back RCPAC and put the “Advisory” back into the Red Clay Parent Advisory Council. RCPAC takes a break over the summer and meets again in September (although subcommittees continue working over the summer).

The meeting starts at 5:45 pm in the Lewis Dual Language Elementary School (directions – 920 North VanBuren Street) The meeting will be held in the cafeteria which has a direct entrance on 10th street. There is street parking in front of the school on Van Buren Street as well parking lots accessible from 10th Street.

The main agenda item is sharing fundraising ideas.

Red Clay parents: Take back RCPAC tonight, Monday Apr. 22 5:45 pm at Highlands Elementary

April 22, 2013 2 comments

Red Clay parents, we still need more of your voices at RCPAC!

Tonight is another opportunity to take back RCPAC and put the “Advisory” back into the Red Clay Parent Advisory Council.

The meeting starts at 5:45 pm in the Highlands Elementary cafeteria (directions). The agenda features Delaware’s Secretary of Education Mark Murphy speaking and answering previously submitted questions on the topic of Common Core implementation.

Next month’s RCPAC meeting is May 20 at Lewis Elementary.

Take back RCPAC Monday 6:00 at Mote Elementary

February 22, 2013 Comments off

Red Clay parents, I know you’ve got an inner Parent Advisor somewhere. Let him or her out! Come to the Red Clay Parent Advisory Council (RCPAC) Monday 2/25 at 6:00 pm at Mote Elementary. There’s no requirement to join but members and non-members alike please be sure you have the floor before speaking.

Your voice is needed!

Mote is off Kirkwood Highway west of Greenbank Road (turn right at Burger King onto Edwards Lane). Click here for directions. Agenda is here.

Monday’s main speaker is Pati Nash, who is the Public Information Officer for Red Clay. Pati will be showing off Red Clay’s new TV station and production facilities at McKean, as well as the long-standing radio station. I’ve heard them both; they’re great! On Super Bowl morning, I watched a great video on preparing Red Clay Turkey Chili, which was made with healthy ingredients and looked delicious! I haven’t made it yet but I am planning to.

EDtv – Comcast channel 965
EDge – WHMS 88.1 FM

Red Clay parents still needed at RCPAC – Monday 6pm Oct. 15 at Marbrook Elementary

October 10, 2012 Comments off

The next meeting of the Red Clay Parent Advisory Council (RCPAC) is on Monday, October 15 at 6:00 at Marbrook Elementary (map).

RCPAC has been doing an excellent job communicating information from the District to parents. Now each month more parents need to come to the meeting and bring their information to the District! We need your help to put the A for Advisory back into RCPAC!

PTA meetings are indispensable for individual schools, but RCPAC is a way to get your questions and input directly before Red Clay district officers. Of course if you come, be courteous – members and non-members alike should make sure they have the floor before speaking.

The agenda for Monday’s meeting is posted online (click here to download agenda).

Agenda highlights are:

Malik Stewart from the Red Clay District office will present an update to Red Clay’s Consolidated Federal Grant application for FY 13. This application is submitted each year, and RCPAC members are asked to provide assistance and input. The application itself gives a lot of detail and insight into District activities. So if you want to find out what we are telling the Feds we are doing, this document is a good place to start. I had the opportunity to be on the review committee last summer, but wasn’t able to take part, so I hope I can participate next year. I’m looking forward to this update.
RCPAC will be going over planning for its upcoming 5th Annual Red Clay Family Resource Fair, this year on Saturday November 17th at Dickinson. This is a really fun day full of family activities, along with opportunities to learn about Red Clay programs you may not even have known existed. Especially with school choice season opening up November 1, this might be a good time to talk with school and district representatives all under one roof.
The Resource Fair needs VOLUNTEERS! If you can spend part of Saturday November 17th helping with the Resource Fair, please contact the District at the contact info listed on the RCPAC page.


September 25, 2012 Comments off

I am SO DISAPPOINTED. I was expecting hordes of rabid parents answering my call to invade last night’s RCPAC meeting and overwhelm security, blind with madness to express their parent involvement concerns to someone who would listen.

Instead, all I got was one nice young lady, quietly watching the presentation by the Transportation Department. She must have gotten past security using stealth rather than brute force. My hopes surged when she raised her hand, thinking she was about to strike. But no, she just asked a polite question about transportation policy. I ask you – is that any way for a horde to behave?

All I wanted was some respectable Legions of Terror. Is it too much to ask for some Legions of Terror? WHERE ARE MY FRIKKIN’ LEGIONS OF TERROR!!!

Red Clay security staff assembling at Baltz

September 24, 2012 3 comments