Here’s a bunch of links to documents I’ve been using for my own research. Currently these links are rather loosely organized. We can improve organization as we go along.

Info from Red Clay
RCPAC home
BPRC (Board Policy Review Committee)
Home Access Center info
Home Access Center login
Home Access Center parent manual
Code of Conduct
Red Clay Parent Handbook
District Admin memos on use of HAC
eSchoolPLUS Teacher Manual
RCEA contract
RCPAC meeting minutes February 2011 (initial HAC discussion)
2010 Technology Presentation by Ted Ammann

Info from SunGard
eSchoolPLUS home
Teacher Access Center
Home Access Center
Delaware testimonial (2008)
Delaware testimonial (2011)
eSchoolPLUS Feature Release Notes (v2.4, 9/27/11)
Sungard eLearning

Technical groups
State Admin team for eSchoolPLUS
Data Service Center (DSC)
DSC Training Services (includes eSchoolPLUS)
DSC Help Desk
Delaware Center for Educational Technology (DCET)
DCET Annual School Technology Survey

Other technical material
State Reporting with Cognos in Delaware
“District Administrator” article (2004)
Microsoft case study: Delaware (2004)
National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T)
National Center for Education Statistics
Joyce Epstein’s Framework of Six Types of Involvement
Article on Carroll County MD schools (2011; shows HAC usage reports)
Shared Learning Collaborative

Title I
Title I, Section 1118 (Parental Involvement)
Delaware Parent Involvement Checklist

District Success Plans

Correlates of Achievement project
NSPRA communication survey

When teachers reject the Internet

Fees for eSchoolPLUS

FY 2009 SUNGARD PUBLIC SECTOR 38 payments $853,440.39
Y 2010 SUNGARD PUBLIC SECTOR 42 payments $1,011,385.08
FY 2011 SUNGARD PUBLIC SECTOR 38 payments $762,968.87
FY 2012 (Q1) SUNGARD PUBLIC SECTOR 35 payments $898,204.55

Transcript of DDOE hearing on Newark Charter School 3/7/2012

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