Parent-powered help with Home Access Center!

Post your HAC questions here.

Confused about HAC? Don’t know how to log on or where to get your password? Grades entered late? Missing assignments or grades? Grade averages don’t make sense? What are they doing with all that data they are collecting?

Are you a teacher with questions about your eSchoolPLUS gradebook? Teachers are welcome too.

Here’s your place to ask questions. You’ll get straight answers from a parent’s point of view. I’m based in Delaware, but out of state questions are welcome! Just let me know where you are from.

I’m not an educator, but I have been studying this system closely for over a year, reviewing policies, manuals, videos, technical bulletins, and talking to experts around the country.

For now if you want to ask a question, just comment on this page. If I get a lot of comments I’ll figure out a way to better organize it later.

Please bear with me but feel free to post questions RIGHT NOW, even as I build up this feature. There will be screenshots and links and everything, I promise, and even a HAC FAQ!!

Note: Any post that identifies a student or a teacher even indirectly will be frowned upon and most likely edited or deleted.

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