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Welcome to your Parent Powered HAC FAQ! I’m sharing what I have learned about HAC from a parent’s point of view. My HAC experience is Red Clay centric, but I believe the basic experience is roughly similar across Delaware. Please feel free to post any questions, corrections, or additional information from other districts!

In my opinion, HAC is a powerful tool for parent involvement and student empowerment; but a tool that is underused and is mostly wasted in Delaware.

Who uses HAC?
Why does HAC show an average lower than my grades?

What is HAC?
HAC is the Home Access center, a web page parents and students can use to see daily assignments, grades, class schedules, bus routes, and other student information. In Red Clay it is available beginning in the 4th grade, but other districts may begin in different grades. Christina for example begins HAC access in 6th grade.

Where do I log into HAC?
That’s easy – click here to log in: hac.doe.k12.de.us.

How do I get a username and password for HAC?
Call your school. Red Clay sends me a sheet with my HAC password and login instructions at the beginning of each school year. If you didn’t get one, or lost it, call your school.

Don’t bother with the self-registration link on the login page – it doesn’t work.

Also don’t bother with the “Forgot password” link. You would think that would cause them to send you your password or a reset link, but I tried it and I didn’t get anything. Call your school.

Who makes HAC?
HAC is part of a larger suite of tools called eSchoolPLUS, which Delaware has licensed from a vendor called Sungard. For example, eSchoolPLUS also includes the Teacher Access Center, which is another web page where teachers enter student assignments and grades.

Who is in charge of HAC?
eSchoolPLUS including HAC is hosted on Delaware Department of Education servers, and is managed by a DDOE technical group.

Who do I call for help or to report problems with HAC?
Good question. In Red Clay, there is no dedicated resource for parents to get help or report issues with HAC. However, if you call your District office, somebody will almost certainly be able to help you, up to a point. Remember that HAC is managed by DDOE admins, who have virtually no channels for parent communication.

That’s why I started the Parent Powered HAC FAQ!

Who uses HAC
How many people log into HAC?
What does HAC look like?
Why do you say HAC is mostly wasted?

Why does HAC show an average lower than my grades?
Good question. Here’s an example of a student who got either 100% or 95% on all his assignments, yet HAC shows an average of 82.03%. How can that be?

Notice that one of the assignments has a missing grade. Most likely it was recently handed in and the teacher hasn’t entered a grade yet. HAC considers this missing grade to be a zero, and is figuring a zero grade into the average.

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