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Comcast expands access to low-cost internet service

August 6, 2014 Comments off

I first wrote about Comcast’s Internet Essentials program in 2012. The program provides $10/month Internet access to low-income families, along with credits for computer hardware and training. Families with a child who receives free or reduced school lunch are eligible. One criticism has been that families with past due Comcast bills were not eligible – which meant a lot of families could not take advantage of the offer.

But now, Comcast has relaxed that restriction, offering what it calls an “amnesty.” Families who have past due Comcast bills that are over a year old may be eligible for the low-cost program. In addition, the first six months are FREE. Comcast’s announcement is here.

The offer of amnesty and six months free is only offered if you apply before September 20. Applications are distributed and submitted through your child’s school. So call you school for an application, and get it to them well before September 20. Comcast has already begun a publicity push for this program – I heard coverage on the radio today. Schools, get on the ball and stuff those applications in the Welcome Back packets!

A broadband Internet connection can make a world of difference to a struggling family for school, for consumer decisions, and for employment opportunities.