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No thank you, we will keep our referendums please

May 22, 2014

I have no problem with paying school taxes; in fact there are lots of programs and enhancements I would gladly pay more taxes for. But I would like it to be subject to referendum to maintain some semblance of accountability:

State Rep. Darryl Scott, who isn’t running for re-election, says House Bill 355 will be filed next week.

The measure would revise a provision in current law that requires a school district to hold a successful public referendum before a school board may approve any tax increases to fund non-capital budget expenditures.

Under the bill, a school board could raise its local tax rate by up to 3 percent per year without a referendum. Larger increases and revenue enhancements for the purposes of funding capital projects, like new school construction, would remain subject to referenda in all cases. (from wdel)

Do… not… want.

And certainly not while local school taxes are being skimmed for charters.

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