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April 2, 2014

I am not normally a fan of the “mommy blog” genre, but for Traci’s Blog at Brandywine Buzz I will gladly make an exception. Buzz co-founder Traci Murphy (“the ‘voice’ of the Buzz”) transcends the genre and is one of the Delaware blogosphere’s better writers. Traci’s blog is smart, funny, and sometimes even lyrical. I read her blog as a reminder to keep trying to freshen up my own utilitarian writing style, and above all to be nice. And after all, aren’t the so-called mommy issues really at the heart of parent involvement? My wife and I share the child care load – it just works out that way – and sometimes I’m a mommy too.

I have been using Brandywine Buzz’s excellent weekly events calendar for a while, for exactly the reason the Buzz says: To answer the eternal question “What are we doing with the kids this weekend?” But I only recently realized the Buzz also features Traci’s blog.

Here’s some of what Traci had to say about the Red Clay inclusion vote, that really brought out how unusual that level of parent involvement was. I think Red Clay may have awakened a sleeping giant:

Some mama (and papa) bears did some real roaring lately, and real change happened. It was startling to watch. […] And thoughtful and articulate letters to the editor appeared in the News Journal and DelawareOnline. And then RCCSD board members were showing up at roundtables at schools, and these mama and papa bears, as exhausted as they were from moving A to B to C (plate to counter to dishwasher, homework to folder to backpack, self to shower to carline) were leaving their families at night to attend evening meetings, backing up their passionate opinions with statistics and examples and real questions that didn’t have answers yet. Voices were raised, and they were heard. Questions were asked, and they were answered. This week, the Red Clay board voted against the adoption of inclusion right now.

Go read the whole thing at Brandywine Buzz. Or click the Brandywine Buzz link now featured on my blogroll.

Then stop back in and let us know: What are you doing this weekend?

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