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Take back RCPAC tonight at 6pm at Brandywine Springs

October 21, 2013

Parents – come bear witness and lend your voice to take back RCPAC tonight at Brandywine Springs. Arrive a little before 6 if you want to get in some networking, because Lord knows nobody gets a chance to speak once the meeting begins.

The agenda has not been published as is normally done, and the meeting information page is showing information from 2011. But here are the highlights of tonight’s agenda:

Presentations tonight are Parent University pilot by Sarah Kashner-Schmittinger

Kickoff of planning for 2013 Family Resource Fair by Christine Miller

There will be suspense! Who will be named to the Bylaws Sub-committee, which will revise RCPAC bylaws for rubber-stamp approval by the whole body? Will I be shut out again? When will the revised draft be started?

Will there be a rescheduled discussion of the new Parent Involvement policy, which was on the agenda last month but was unilaterally “tabled” by the parent president with no second and no vote? Has anybody found any record of the policy being approved by the Board?

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