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Massive document dump from Red Clay’s BPRC

June 3, 2013

Red Clay has revealed a large number of documents to be reviewed by the Board Policy Review Committee, normally the first public appearance of a new or revised policy. After the BPRC review, the revised draft is read once at a full Red Clay Board meeting, then voted on at a subsequent Red Clay Board meeting. The BPRC last met in September 2012, and normally reviews policies one or two at a time.

It moves quick, so get your comments in ASAP starting now, and plan on coming to the meetings if you can.

There are two upcoming BPRC meetings: June 25 and July 9 at 5:30 pm, at the District Office at Baltz. Note that you can send in your written comments and they will be read into the minutes of the meeting.

Most of the revisions are non-controversial and don’t change the content, consisting only of reformatting to align with the updated policy manual format. However, there are also some new policies and some policies with content revisions. Click the links in the list below for lists of policies for review:

The Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education recently reviewed and reformatted their policies. The policies are listed below and the board would like to have public comment.
Two sessions are scheduled for the public to meet and provide feedback for board consideration. Click here for meeting information.

To submit feedback on a Board policy under review:

  • Email feedback to boardpolicy@redclay.k12.de.us. Feedback received by 12 PM noon on the day of the Board Policy Review Committee meeting will be summarized and presented to the Board Policy Review Committee for discussion.
  • Voice feedback during the public hearing portion of the next Board Policy Review Committee meeting.
  • Voice feedback during the public hearing portion of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
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