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Excel guru wanted for public service

June 3, 2013

Any Excel/data gurus out there who are willing to merge some data from multiple spreadsheets and create a new useful data display? Or just give some good instructions so the job can be crowdsourced?

Basically the job is to take data from each charter and create a merged view that shows the aggregate performance of all charters (the “Charter District.”) The detailed data is available in multiple formats including Excel, XML, and character-delimited. I know Delaware has a lot of people who can do this. My faith in the public’s ability to provide this is greater than my faith in DDOE. Contact me at mike01@seventhtype.com.

In a comment over at Kilroy’s, blogger kavips points out a convenient omission of data on Delaware’s school profiles page, just when critical charter legislation is in the House and the value of charters is in question. The overall performance of charters in Delaware is desperately needed public information at this time. But apparently, the overall performance of all charters in the aggregate is AWOL:

Here’s the comment rescue by kavips:

Here isthe proof right here..… OH… MY… GOODNESS…. They took the site down… I guess they were too embarrassed about the truth, especially with sensitive bills up for a vote. But if memory serves me correctly the average across all the charters was a score of 38% scoring basic or above, MEANING 62% OF CHARTER STUDENTS FAILED. And that includes a couple of 90′s averaged down. There were actually schools in the 17′s…Yes really. Compare those numbers to our public schools, even our troubled ones…. Don’t even let anyone tell you the page is down by accident… If you ever saw the scores, you know better.

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