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Red Clay: Important parent meeting Wed. March 27

March 20, 2013

Folks, I’m asking for as many parents as possible to come to this meeting next week:

Parent Information Meeting
“The Implementation of Common Core and Grade Reporting”
March 27, 2013 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
District Office Board Room [Baltz]

This will be unlike any Common Core presentation you may have sat through before. Instead of just talking in general about Common Core and its philosophy, this is getting down to the nitty-gritty – the real down-to-earth changes in the grading practices and assignments you will be seeing for your child, and possibly other changes as well.

It is a great opportunity for parent input to actually change the course of policies and practices as they are being developed. Aren’t you tired of hearing about new rules only after the comment periods have expired? Or sitting through presentations that are already done deals?

Here’s what I know about this meeting so far. I’ll be updating as more information comes in.

I learned about this meeting by chance, when I asked the district what was being done about the homework policy that is under review for the last three years, here is part of their answer:

A grade reporting committee consisting of district teachers and administrators has been meeting since fall of 2012 to review the grade reporting process and alignment to best practice and common core. This group is exploring all items that impact grades. An update for the community is scheduled for March 27 at district office.

The meeting is posted on the Red Clay home page, but not on the District Calendar as of this writing.

I’ve been tracking this issue for some time, and there are other critical Red Clay policies linked to this issue that may or may not be discussed at the meeting. I’ve asked for meeting details and an agenda, and I will post them as soon as they are received.

Once I get more information, I will make a better effort to explain exactly what might be affected by the changes so we can all be motivated to come to this meeting as informed parents.

The work on this issue is being done by the Grade Reporting and Procedures Committee which does its work mostly under the radar, and as you see has been working on these critical policies since last fall without any parent involvement or input as far as I can tell.

So Wednesday is your first opportunity to see what they are proposing for your child, and probably your best opportunity. The proposed changes will also be introduced to other committees, like RCPAC and the new Superintendent’s Parent Council (SuperPAC), about which little is known.

Wednesday’s meeting is a bonus parent meeting that isn’t technically required by District policy review procedures. After this meeting, any new policies enter the BPRC process (Board Policy Review Committee), which is very stingy about the time allowed for parent comments and participation. Before you know it, the new policy is introduced to the Board and is already basically a done deal, and is then quickly passed in the next Board meeting. The Board tends not to be a debating society for parents who are just learning about proposed changes.

Grade Reporting Committee
Just so you know, the Grade Reporting committee is defined only in the RCEA contract, and consists of teachers appointed by RCEA and administrators named by the Superintendent. No parents sit on this committee or are consulted. The main focus of the committee appears to be to monitor the amount of grading-related work required of teachers. Their recommendations are due to the Superintendent by May 1, so get in there, find out what they are cooking up, and let them know what you think about it!

Here’s the definition of the Grade Reporting Committee as defined in the RCEA contract:

23:1 The Board and the Association agree to the maintenance of vital committees made up of Association and District representatives. Each committee shall have a maximum of five (5) epresentatives appointed by the Superintendent and five (5) representatives appointed by the Association President. All committees shall have co-chairs, one (1) appointed by the Superintendent and one (1) appointed by the Association President. These committees shall begin their separate meetings not later than October 1 of each school year and present their
recommendations or alternate recommendations to the Superintendent by May 1 of each school year. Any recommendation made to the Board will have attached to it all recommendations and alternate recommendations made by the committee to the Superintendent. Additional meetings
beyond October 1 each year will be scheduled at times and dates mutually determined by the co-chairs. […]

Grade Reporting & Procedures Committee
23:3.1 The Grade Reporting Committee will deal with the following, but not limited to:
(a) grade reporting systems and procedures;
(b) employee grade reporting materials

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