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Take back RCPAC Monday 6:00 at Mote Elementary

February 22, 2013

Red Clay parents, I know you’ve got an inner Parent Advisor somewhere. Let him or her out! Come to the Red Clay Parent Advisory Council (RCPAC) Monday 2/25 at 6:00 pm at Mote Elementary. There’s no requirement to join but members and non-members alike please be sure you have the floor before speaking.

Your voice is needed!

Mote is off Kirkwood Highway west of Greenbank Road (turn right at Burger King onto Edwards Lane). Click here for directions. Agenda is here.

Monday’s main speaker is Pati Nash, who is the Public Information Officer for Red Clay. Pati will be showing off Red Clay’s new TV station and production facilities at McKean, as well as the long-standing radio station. I’ve heard them both; they’re great! On Super Bowl morning, I watched a great video on preparing Red Clay Turkey Chili, which was made with healthy ingredients and looked delicious! I haven’t made it yet but I am planning to.

EDtv – Comcast channel 965
EDge – WHMS 88.1 FM

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