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December 6, 2012

The Community Education Building (CEB) has revealed in its general FAQ that the first cohort of schools has been selected to be tenants in the building. All applicants have been notified, and disclosure is at the discretion of each school. From the FAQ:

What were the results of the 2012 school application and selection process?

We received several charter school applications. After a rigorous interview process, CEE-Trust, our independent national review panel, made final recommendations to the CEB Board, which accepted them as made. All applicants have been informed of the outcome of the selection process. Given the impact that the CEB’s decision to delay opening will have on schools, individual applicants will communicate their selection outcome and future expansion/opening plans.

Remember the 2012 applications were apparently for existing charters only.

So, WHOIZZIT? Is it your charter? The game’s afoot.


In other updates to the FAQ:

Student occupancy has been delayed until Fall 2014.
The number of student seats has been bumped up again, to 2400.
Schools that were not selected may apply again with the second cohort by Aug. 1 2013.
There are 20,000 square feet devoted to wraparound support services.

And in an interesting FAQ item:

Is there a possibility that the opening be delayed beyond 2014?

Only a major issue (i.e. the lack of financing) could further postpone the initiative.

Is this a hint at obtaining capital funding via changes to the charter law?

  1. John Young
    December 6, 2012 at 9:37 am

    are the winners those selected or not selected?

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