November 28, 2012

School Finance 101

Today, with much fanfare, we finally got our New Jersey Charter School Report. The unsurprising findings of that report are that charter schools in Newark in particular seem to be providing students with greater average annual achievement gains than those of similar (matched) students attending district schools. Elsewhere around the state charter schools are pretty much average.

Link to report:

So then, the big question is, what exactly is behind the apparent success of Newark Charter schools – or at least some of them enough to influence the analysis as a whole – that makes them successful? Further, and perhaps more importantly, is there something about these schools that makes them successful that can be replicated?

The General Model

Allow me to start by pointing out that the CREDO study uses its usual approach  – a reasonable one given data and system constraints, of identifying matched sets of students…

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  1. November 28, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Note this article is about NEWARK NEW JERSEY, not about Newark Delaware.

    Normally I don’t reblog; in fact this is my first attempt. I’d encourage everybody go go visit this article on the author’s blog at

    Also, take a look at the Stanford CREDO report that inspired the article:

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