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Check your child’s grades and interim reports

October 9, 2012

Red Clay parents, time to check grades again, and schedule a conference with the school if you want. All daily grades due by last Tuesday 10/2 should be entered in HAC already, so make sure you review the grades and interim reports online before seeing your teacher. Actually I’d suggest checking HAC weekly or even daily.

To log into Delaware’s HAC system, click here. You can also check out the Parent Powered HAC Help (under construction), and contribute some questions to the HAC FAQ.

Interim Progress Reports are published in Home Access Center (for Red Clay), so no need to wait for them to be mailed. Red Clay K-8 teacher conferences are this Thursday and Friday. The teachers will contact you if they want a conference, but you can contact them and ask for a conference yourself if you want.

These interim reports are anachronisms anyway. If you are just finding out the information in these reports now, there has already been a communication failure. Home/school communication needs to be built into the day and be a continuous process, not some kind of intermission.

These reports come from a time before daily grade and assignment communication was available. I guess at one time you were supposed to climb down off the plow, slick back your hair, put on your Sunday best, and go see the teacher to find out how your child’s schooling is going.

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