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Welcome Slashdot readers!

September 23, 2012

Please take it easy on me!

The Seventh Type just got a shout-out and a quote from slashdot.org. OK, it was just a reference from a commenter, but still, slashdot is a well-known and popular blog that is a gathering place for all sorts of technically-minded people from around the world, and is one of my favorite blogs I read daily.

Slashdot is so popular it often happens that when somebody posts a link to your site on Slashdot, your site gets so many visitors it may crash, a phenomenon known as “slashdotting.” I’m hosted by WordPress so I don’t think that’s a problem today. Plus my quote is kind of boring 🙂

My posts on the Shared Learning Collaborative are the most popular (have gathered the most hits) of all posts on the Seventh Type. Apparently there is just not that much information out there on SLC, so my posts come up in a Google search.

The comment came as part of a discussion about Bill Gates’s motives for supporting education software and organizations (I was not part of that discussion). I’m not as critical as most of the commenters on that thread but apparently my analysis was appreciated. Here’s my quote that was referenced; go to the thread to see the whole discussion in context:

“However, just having the source code and standards for the technology won’t get you too far. The real work (and the real money) is in the process of making sure the system can connect to all the state’s various data sources, and is customized to meet the particular requirements of each state, a process known as integration. This part will not be done for free. On top of that, the deployment of the SLC system will generate consulting fees, training, ongoing customization, add-on features, and other needs known as professional services. Wireless Generation’s $8 million data-coaching contract with Delaware is just a small example.”

[here’s my full post the quote came from: Who and what is the Shared Learning Collaborative?

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