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Communication progress!

August 29, 2012

WOO-HOOO! This year my son has two teachers who have SchoolNotes accounts and plan to use them to communicate assignments and tests ahead of time!! And a third teacher who communicates assignments on his own blog!

SchoolNotes is a free web system that is a good second choice for teachers who are unwilling to publish assignments on their default system, Home Access Center. I’d rather just review upcoming assignments and tests for all his classes all on one page in HAC, but I guess it’s better to have upcoming assigments listed on a welter of different websites instead of nothing at all.

Let’s hope they stick with it and see the value of consistently providing assignments and materials online in advance, like Communication Hero Kimberly Flanagan.

But I still don’t get why some teachers insist on doing doublework – entering the assignment in SchoolNotes or some other site, then entering the assignment AGAIN in eSchoolPLUS/HAC to record the grade. But judging from the turnout at the regulatory review meeting I attended, I guess teachers aren’t overly concerned about having too much workload.

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