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Delaware DOE announces launch of Education Insight system

August 22, 2012

Today the Delaware Department of Education announced the upcoming statewide launch of the new Education Insight data system on September 4th:

Funded with part of the state’s $119 million federal Race to the Top grant, the project includes the development of web-based “dashboards” that provide educators access to timely and actionable information on all students to help manage academic performance and anticipate issues that could arise throughout the year. The dashboards aggregate data from existing sources to show a comprehensive view of each student — including items such as student biographical information, schedule, attendance, assessment scores, grades and credits — as well as roll-up views of the data for classrooms, schools and districts.

Here’s the state’s main project page for the Education Insight system, and here’s the page for the educational metrics underlying the dashboards.

The project is based on tools and code from partners of the Shared Learning Collaborative and the Ed-Fi initiative.

I first became interested in this system when the RFP was issued in late 2010, and I wrote several guest posts on Delaware Liberal outlining the project (click here and here). I continued writing about the project after I launched the Seventh Type (click here), and with the series on eSchoolPLUS that kicked off this blog.

I’ve made my own comments, observations, and criticisms of this project in my previous posts, but for this post I’m just trying to provide an overview and acknowledge the rollout.

On September 4th the only user-visible part of the system will be the Teacher Dashboard, which is available only to teachers. I’ve posted about the Teacher Dashboards previously. However, a lot of work was also done to establish the underlying data warehouse and other infrastructure. DOE’s Education Insight Project Manager Reese Robinson has posted a good overview.

The next phase of the Education Insight project will be largely funded by a $4.6 million Federal grant. The grant application provides a lot of detail about the planned work, and the work that has already been done.

Additional dashboards are planned for principals and administrators, although unfortunately none for parents or students or for the public.

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