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Ed-Fi standard Version 1.0 released

March 14, 2012

Version 1.0 of the Ed-Fi specification and some sample code has been released and is now open for public comment, according to an email from the project’s sponsor, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. If you are a developer or other person interested in Delaware’s Education Insight project, this should be of interest to you.

Ed-Fi provides a data specification sponsored by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and apparently developed by Double Line Partners and other members of the Shared Learning Collaborative.

Delaware uses parts of the Ed-Fi specification for the data that populates the forthcoming Teacher Dashboards (as well as any future dashboards). Ed-Fi also provides dashboard examples which define the types of reporting and analysis provided by the dashboards, and which were relied on heavily to develop Delaware’s Teacher Dashboards.

The comment period for Version 1.0 had been closed but is now re-opened following some changes. Unfortunately the Ed-Fi forum has been closed, and now the only way to comment is by a contact form that goes to MSDF. I’ve got a few comments, and I’ll post them here when I submit them.

Here’s the Ed-Fi tech docs, the comment form, and the code repository. Here is Delaware’s site for the Ed-Fi-based metrics that underlie the Education Insight project.

There appears to be some fast talking about whether the Ed-Fi code is open-source or not as promised by the Shared learning Consortium (looks like it’s not). So I’m not sure if there is a way for the public to obtain the code. But all the documentation is online, so at this point I don’t really feel the need to see the code.

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