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Hey teachers – what kind of technology do you need?

February 24, 2012

DSEA has a survey up on its front page:

Is there a piece of technology that would really make your job more effective?

Here’s the direct link to the survey form: http://www.dsea.org/TakeSurvey.aspx

So far two people have responded to the survey. One said No, and the other one wants an iPad. So get in there and tell them what you want! Then come back here and add a comment telling us why!

If you want some ideas, check out DCET’s Annual Technology Survey, which takes an inventory of some of the technology devices already in schools.

But don’t limit yourself just to gadgets – think of the back-end systems as well. Ever complain about eSchoolPLUS? Describe the problem, and ask for a fix.

Teachers always have too many things to do, right? So stop in here, comment on what things are the biggest time sinks, and I’ll try to share some tricks the private sector has been using for years to fix those problems, either with technology or by just fixing the process.

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