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In some hallways you can still smell the ditto fumes

February 7, 2012

Involved parent and former Washington Post journalist Tracy Thompson:

As the parent of two children enrolled in public school in suburban Washington, D.C., I speak from experience when I say that schools have not really entered the digital age. For all their talk of “one laptop for every child” and all the push for computer labs, the average public school still communicates on paper. On any given afternoon, millions of school-age children across this country walk in the door of their homes loaded down like pack mules with paper homework assignments, notes from the teacher, PTA notices, flyers about bake sales, behavior charts, school calendars, fund-raiser exhortations and sign-up sheets for this or that. Your kids may be able to surf the Internet in their sleep, they may text like fiends under the dinner table, but during school hours they live in an environment where print still reigns supreme.

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